The Goldwork Guild Working Group

The Goldwork Guild Working Group meets once a month, on a Monday, at Sheldon Cottage Studio, Epney, Gloucestershire GL2 7LN to share experience, knowledge and expertise.

Janice Williams will offer expert advice on goldwork, having been trained at the RSN and spent a lifetime teaching goldwork and embroidery. The group meets from 10am to 4pm. Tea and coffee provided. Please bring a packed lunch). The group fee is £8. 

If possible, please pre-book. If you wish to come without booking, please telephone to check that the date has not been changed.

Goldwork Guild Working Group dates for  January 2017 - December 2017

Monday 9th January

Monday 13th February

Monday 13th March

Monday 10th April

Monday 15th May

Monday 12th June

Monday 10th July

(No meeting will take place in August)

Monday 11th September

Monday 9th October

Monday 13th November

Monday 11th December

Please note: These dates may be subject to change. Please telephone to check if you have not attended the previous month.

Janice Williams, Sheldon Cottage Studio, Epney, Gloucester GL2 7LN
Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1452 740639