The Goldwork Guild ‘Challenge’ 2018

Our competition this year is ‘TIME’.

However ‘TIME’ is interpreted in this gold and metal thread embroidery, there must be a link to nature as all the pieces will be on display at our exhibition in August 2019 at the Nature in Art Museum and Art Gallery.

The design must be an overall maximum of 16cms x 22cmsin size and unframed.

There will be 5 prizes and entries need to be in for December 1st. Please enclose return postage.


The Goldwork Guild Exhibition 20th August – 8th September 2019

The next exhibition will be held at the wonderful Nature in Art Museum and Art Gallery, Wallsworth Hall, Twigworth, Near Gloucester, Gloucestershire

We will be exhibiting goldwork pieces from collections along with the beautiful goldwork done today.

.All exhibits are welcome and must embrace an aspect of nature.

For more information please contact Tina-Consuela (known to all as plain “TC”) on


Members Weekend Course 12th & 13th May 2018

The course was attended by 12 members and the subject was ‘Stumpwork with Goldwork’.

The tutor was Sally Chapman from Essex.


Or Nue Instruction Booklet                                                                                (Posted November 2017)

Sally Chapman has written a 12 page booklet on the technique of Or Nue. The first print run sold out quickly at the The Goldwork Guild exhibition, so we have had a further print run done and are pleased to offer the booklet for £2 plus P&P. 

P&P Costs are as follows: UK-£1.10       Europe-£2.00         International: £2.70

Please send your remittance to The Goldwork Guild (details on the Contact Us page). 


Latest magazine                                                                                            (Posted April 2018)

The latest magazine (Issue 12 - April 2018) has been sent to the Goldwork Guild Members. 


Goldwork 'Leaf' Challenge - Winners Announced (Posted July 2017)

Thank you all for the wonderful pieces that we received. We have 22 pieces in total and these have been judged.

1st Wendy Rosier

2nd Eira Steggles

3rd Rosemary Gadd

The judges comments were as follows:-

"It was very interesting to judge and the following are my views.

• One looked for goldwork threads that contrasted well and complimented one another.

• The junction of the leaf and stem was often weak in many cases. It should be an extension of the leaf and not a ‘tail’.

• The edging of the leaf could have been a stronger statement......or nothing at all, the edge being part of the embroidery.

• The use of gold threads only, was a stronger statement.

• The best work followed the direction of veins and stem.

• Shapes, along with insects and animal features did not add to the whole design. It was just a simple did not require experimental extra’s.

• Colour rarely added anything to the final design.

• There was a temptation to turn a number of them into ‘an image of a sparrow’ when looking at them.

• There was a very interesting set of work from some people used to working in the same room as other goldworkers, but in many cases the work showed a lack of use of basic design.

I have enjoyed studying this group of leaves and have learnt a lot myself, from how people approached the challenge. The cleverest person is one who uses different threads of gold thread and as many different methods of using it.".

Wendy Rosier's Leaf

Rosemary Gadd's Leaf



Photo from Members Day - 2017 - "Or Nue Pheasant"



April 2018 Magazine                                       (Posted May 2018)

The latest magazine has been sent out to all members of the Goldwork Guild. If you would like to purchase a copy, please contact “TC” Hilliard on for further details.


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·         Truro Cathedral

·         Glorious Goldwork

·         Beryl Dean

·         Do you know your Or Nue from Italian Couching?

·         Qilin (Qi Lin) – A dragon?


November 2017 Magazine                                                                 (Posted April 2017)

  • The Goldwork Guild Exhibition
  • The Needle & Me (pt 3)
  • Janice's Project Update 
  • Butterflies
  • The Last Supper
  • Jacopo di Cambo Antependium
  • Putting a design onto fabric
  • The Lord Mayor of Chester's Robe

April 2017 Magazine                                                                 (Posted April 2017)

  • Embroidered Slippers
  • The Needle & Me (pt 2)
  • Save or Burn? No chance!
  • Queen Elizabeth 1st Coverlet
  • Diaper Patterns
  • Bed in a Box
  • Franciscan Vestment Set (Notes)

November 2016 Magazine                                                                 (Posted November 2016)

  • The Needle & Me
  • Experimenting with velvet
  • Real Gold Thread
  • Goldwork Vestments in Ancient Israel and Christian Theology
  • A Goldwork Belt
  • Travelling Mirror
  • Byzantine Terminology & Beasts
  • Saddles encrusted with Goldwork
  • St George & The Dragon

March 2016 Magazine                                                                 (Posted March 2016)

  • Gift to The Goldwork Guild 
  • Anne and Joachim Chasuble and Chalice Veil
  • Berkeley Castle - The Grand Staircase
  • Janice's Project - a look at eight pieces, as well as the inspiration behind each design
  • Goldwork Challenge
  • Hand & Lock - questions answered

November 2015 Magazine                                                           (Posted November 2015)

  • The Fetternear Vestment Again 
  • The Eight Lucky Symbols
  • An inspiring visit to Venice
  • Janice's Project - a look at eight pieces, as well as the inspiration behind each design
  • Visit to Hand & Lock

April 2015 Magazine                                                                             (Posted April 2015)

  • Butterflies - kimono pieces
  • A surprise in Stockholm
  • The local costume of Bregenzerwald
  • Project from the Staffordshire Hoard
  • Chinese Dragons and the Pearl of Fire
  • Couture and Ceremonial dress on demand . . . but how?
  • Members 'Away Day'