Interested in joining the Goldwork Guild? The Annual subscription to The Goldwork Guild is £15.00 per year for UK residents; £18.00 per year for Europe and countries within the EU; £20.00 for all elsewhere. Please make all cheques payable to "The Goldwork Guild".  For existing members, the renewal month is January.

For overseas members and those interested in joining, and Paypal is the preferred payment method, please contact the Membership Secretary for further details. 

During your subscription year, you will receive 2 issues of the Goldwork Guild's magazine (published April and November) and notifications of activities, visits, exhibitions etc.

Please download and complete the Membership Form and send with appropriate remittance to: The Goldwork Guild, c/o 93 St George Road, Dursley, Gloucestershire GL11 4DT (UK).

Please feel free to email Nina (Membership Secretary) or ring her on (+44) 07957 340023 if you have any queries.

For details of the articles in our recent magazines please see the bottom of the News section.